Santone Wines, packaging with clean and essential lines

Elegance, delicacy, balance. Study of the visual identity and of the packaging in order to highlight the essence and the personality of the wine itself.


A passionate story of the world of De Cecco pasta

The well-known pasta factory in Fara San Martino tells its history: a history of quality, associated with the names of the greatest chefs in the international arena.

Behance Portfolio Review

Un ringraziamento speciale a PEPE Collettivo e Behance Creative Network per aver selezionato un nostro lavoro
ed il nostro studio per la premiazione finale.


Endospheres Theraphy

Today, our work, on newsstands across Italy. Tu Style, Who Magazine Donna Moderna, Starbene
The studio of leomargiotti signs the new advertising campaign of the brand Endospheres theraphy, the last frontier of Bodyshaping.


Velve Oled Lighting

Graphic design project of “VELVE Oled Lighting” in collaboration with Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation and +ISO light more sensitive to.


Brand identity SP Medical Division

A project with a great scope: creating an image that can be institutional, reassuring and credible in compliance with the codes and rules of the medical and pharmaceutical fields.


Antichi Romani – Hand made sandals

Capturing the attention, meeting the expectations and enhancing the personality: sandals are also fashion accessories.


Il Mondo del Golf

Advertising Campaign Dolcepunta Sartorial Ties for the lifestyle golf magazine “Il Mondo del Golf” visit:


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